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Welcome to the Bourbon Society of the Ozarks custom website.

Below are some very important details that you need to know:

Website opens

Website closes: July 5th at midnight (you will have all day on Sunday until 11:59 pm to place your order).

Once the deadline closes, there can not be any add ons since we have to get your orders done by a specific date. Make sure to double check your order, once it's placed there can not be any changes/exchanges for ANY reason.

Please make sure you receive a confirmation number for your order. If you do not receive a confirmation number, that means your order did not go through & you will not receive an order.

How do I receive my order?
There are two options to choose during checkout, on how you'd like to receive your Bourbon Society of the Ozarks order.

Option 1- Pick up at Missouri Embroidery
Upon check out, you will need to choose the option- IN STORE PICK UP AT MISSOURI EMBROIDERY - Once all orders are ready, we will contact you to let you know your order is ready to be picked up at our store. This option has no shipping. Please remember that you still have to enter your billing & shipping address for your credit card information even if you pick up at Missouri Embroidery.

Option 2-Ship Direct to You
Once all orders have been completed, we will ship your order to you. Standard shipping rates apply.

  • Please remember that we are striving to keep all items the same brand, and color shade of the item that is shown. Like everyone, our manufacturers are struggling with inventory. Once the website closes, if any of the items that are offered on the website are not available, we will substitute your items for the closest /same quality as what is being offered.